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Winter be gone

Lösryckta texter Posted on %PM, March 18 2008 13:54:11

The sun, the big yellow thing in the sky. How little I knew about the sun until it came down and said hi to me. How little did I know…

It was an early day in March, the wonderful weather from the day before had gone and been replaced with a thick layer of snow. Or the White Plauge as we called it where I came from.

The warm weather from yesterday was on its way back. The snow was thawing, the grass was reappearing from underneath the thick coat of powder. The icy roads were turning back to its natural form, no more slippery slopes.

Winter be gone you pestering annoyance.

Welcome spring – the most wonderful time of the year.

Lyssnar just nu på musik.

Tankar Posted on %AM, March 18 2008 11:33:19

Blev tipsad om ett band precis, och sitter nu och lyssnar på två av deras skivor som jag lånade av Ola (som tipsade mig). Och än så länge måste jag säga att det är galet bra. Uppdateringar kommer!

Bandet heter 16 Horsepower