It was not that Eugene
was afraid or anything, not at all, he actually loved danger and to put himself
up to impossible tasks that no one had ever done before. But this was madness
wasn’t it? The crowd cheered him on, their voices echoing through the city,
bouncing from window to wall, from car to bus. Odd things can happen when you
are under the pressure from an entire group. Well odd things happen when stupid
people get together and set out to do something. This is stupid.

“Come on, give me a break” shouted Eugene
out to the mass standing below him. “Do I really have to do this, why me? come
on!” he continued.

the gathering of stupid people had in just a couple of minutes gone from five,
to twenty, to one hundred to thousands. “Apparently they travel in packs” Eugene
thought to himself in all the commotion.

It wasn’t fair. Not fair at all. He
was minding his own business, taking a stroll on the rooftop just to get some
fresh air, trying to get away from the smog on the streets below. Stepped on to
the ledge and someone from below him started screaming and jeering. “JUMPER, WE
HAVE A JUMPER!”. People in groups can do odd things to your mind, or rather, stupid
people in groups can do odd things to your perfectly healthy mind.

stretched out his arms, flapping them around a bit, jumping up and down while
doing some sort of bird noise. The crowd went ballistic, started to cheer him
on even more. “It’s the oddest thing, why would they want me to jump? They
don’t even know me!” Eugene said to
himself. “They don’t even know me, and still they want me dead”.

“Do not fret oh little one! Thou
shalt not jumpeth!”, a voice said

“Who are you, and how do you know
that I SHALT NOT JUMPETH!”, Eugene

“It’s rather simple to be honest,
you are not as stupid as these people cheering you on are”, the voice continued

“How do you know? Maybe I want to
jump, are you calling me a coward?”, Eugene

“Well, that’s the thing, if you
jump you are a coward. If you stay up here you are the brave one. But you do
what you have to do, see if I care”, continued the voice

“What do you mean?”, Eugene

“To be cheered on by thousands of
people and decide not to do what they want and thus suffer their rage and
disappointment is much more courageous, much, much more courageous than to do
as they say. Especially when they want you to kill yourself.”, the voice calmly

“Ah”, Eugene
was thinking, “And who are you”.

“Are you sure you want to know?”
echoed the voice.

“Yes, yes I am sure”, said Eugene

“I am, Death, I’ve been at your
side for quite some time now”, death said.

“That’s from the seventh seal
right?”, Eugene replied

“Well, yes, but what does it
matter, I am death anyway and hey, it’s a good movie”, death said and continued
in a whisper “sometimes I don’t feel like being original”.

“Hey, wait a minute. If you are
death, why would you want me to live?”, Eugene
turned around, facing death he continued, “Or are you pulling my leg? As I
understand it you know how I’m going to die. And if you want me to stay up
here, that might lead to my death. And if that is the case, my only way of
survival is to jump?”, Eugene said.

The crowd stopped the cheering the
moment Eugene stepped off the ledge
to face death. They started to spread out again, to their jobs, families and
duties. Forgetting all about Eugene
and the fact that they tried to kill him, taking an innocent mans life for some

looked around. Nobody was there. He was standing alone on a rooftop, looking at
the sky. What a wonderful day this could be! He took one step and plummeted to
the ground. No cheering. No stupid people. Only one stupid man, falling to the